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/// Police Viruses


Is your PC running slow or taking for ever to boot up... contact us today on 01646 689809 or 07967 142874 & we’ll get your PC back up & running in no time.

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Technology is wonderful, but only when it works.

If they are properly set up and maintained, computers can make your life so much easier. If they’re neglected or misused they are likely to cost you money, time and cause extreme frustration.

At PC Doctor we are committed to helping our customers enjoy all the benefits of technology – without the hassle.

By offering a full range of computer networking, maintenance and repair services, we are able to keep our customer’s computer systems working perfectly.

P C Doctor has been in business in Pembrokeshire 9 years but in the industry 27 years. Our service is friendly, professional and affordable. We won’t bombard you with technical information or jargon.

We just make your computer work!

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  • PC Repair

    We aim to get your computer up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Basic Training

    If you are new to computers there is no need to be terrified, get targeted training for all ages.

  • Computer Setup

    Have your new equipment professionally installed and working the first time with data transferred from your old PC

PC Repairs

Few of us realise how much we rely on our computers until something goes wrong. When it does, we know that what you want.

Computer Setup

Our computer setup service is designed to ensure that you have the right computer system that’s set up in exactly the right way.

Basic Training

you are new to computers there is no need to be terrified, get targeted training for all ages.

I have encountered a number of varients of this virus, Met Police, Interpol, etc. They are all a scam and depending on the operating system removal varies.

Interesting find my Iphone app helped me find my lost Iphone down the back of the sofa.


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